About Ophira

Ophira is a vocalist and artistic creator living in the centre of the universe, otherwise known as Toronto. After watching her first musical at age 3, she decided that she wanted a career in the arts, and hasn’t looked back since. She studied opera performance at UBC before chronic illness decided to interrupt her degree, leading her to develop a great relationship with Netflix and her bed. A few years, several diagnoses and a couple of surgeries later, Ophira is back to her old tricks with a special passion for exploring concepts of illness and disability through art.



12 thoughts on “About Ophira

  1. Hi Ophira
    We read your blog. We have the greatest respect for you and admire your wonderful spirit and attitude. We think about you often and wish you continued achievements and success. Aunty Bonnie and Uncle Michael

  2. Hi Ophira
    Your blogs are a gift of insight, empathy, optimism and great spirit. I admire your fortitude to reach above your struggle and challenge yourself to be more than your limitations. I marvel at the lyricism of your writing, the way you shape the events of each day and how you push to understand the implication of the choices you must make.
    I continue to follow your adventure with great admiration,

    Rochelle Mass (your Mom’s cousin)

  3. Dear Ophira,
    Your blog is an inspiration. The beautiful writing alone would be enjoyable to read but for you to share your journey in this way is truly remarkable. You are a courageous young lady and I admire you. Zita

    • Hi Zita,
      Thank you so much. That truly means so much to me, and I am incredibly touched by your comment. I hope that you are doing well, sending all of my best wishes.

  4. I am always inspired by you. Mom sent me this to read and participate in. I am humbled by your words, and know that it is a blessing to me and Sara and or family to know you.
    Lisa (Sara’s mom)

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