Imagine. You’re making brownies. It’s a perfect recipe, just needs a pinch of salt. So you grab the shaker, and all of the sudden calamity strikes! The top somehow got unscrewed and a whole load of salt gets dumped into your beautiful recipe.

The batter looks ruined, but you have no choice. A bake sale is depending on you, and you’ve run out of eggs. So you start to experiment, adding a bit of sugar, a bit of cocoa powder. And as it turns out, the brownies aren’t actually that bad. In fact, they’re kind of delicious.

Created by Ophira Calof, Salted Brownies aims to bridge the gap between the idea of ‘well’ and ‘unwell’, ‘healthy’ and ‘sick‘, and ‘able’ and ‘disabled’.

We all have salt in our lives – something unexpected, unwanted, and seemingly unpalatable. A big load of mine has to do with my experiences with chronic illness.

For some reason, we tend to be uncomfortable with the not-so-good things in each others’ lives. And as a result, things like chronic illness whose affects can’t always be hidden or cured, can end up very isolating.

We all have bodies. Sometimes, they’re amazing. Sometimes, they’re incredibly frustrating.

But we all have them. So we may as well talk about them.


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